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– Deadline is May 16, 2019 –

Email the completed applications to with Subject line: Water/Ways Exhibit Application, or mail to Missouri Humanities, Attn: Dr. Monique Johnston, 1800 Baltimore Ave, 1S, Kansas City, MO 64108

Water/Ways Host Sites Will Receive:

  • Water/Ways exhibit for 6 weeks
  • $2,500 programming grant to create free public complementary programming to supplement the Water/Ways exhibit
  • Exhibit installation and de-installation training

Water/Ways Host Site Responsibilities:

  • Designation of a Project Director to manage the exhibit, programming, and to attend two (2) mandatory exhibit planning meetings
  • Provide a secure space with at least 700 square feet and 8.5 foot ceilings
  • Completion of an exhibit final closeout report
  • Onsite staff oversight at all times when exhibit is available to the public


Our world is made of water and, so are we. Water/Ways, an exhibition from Museum on Main Street, takes a deep look at this essential component of life on our planet, which powers the environment’s engine, impacts climate and helps shape and sculpt the landscape. Humans and animals rely on water for health, hydration, food supplies, and hygiene.

But, water’s impact on humans is much more than just biological and environmental. Water is an important element in American culture. We are attracted to water as a source of peace and contemplation. Water carves out a place in our memories of where we live and play. We cherish our connections to nature, particularly the sights, the sounds, and the sense of place we feel at the water’s edge. Many faiths revere water as a sacred symbol. Authors and artists are inspired by the duality of water – a substance so seemingly soft and graceful that is also such a powerful and nearly unstoppable force.

Water also plays a practical role in American society, and the availability of water had a significant impact on settlement and migration patterns. Access to water and control of water resources are a central part of political and economic planning. Human creativity and resourcefulness provide new ways of renewing and refreshing water resources and renewing respect for the natural environment.

Americans are connected to water in ways they may not always realize. And, since water is a shared resource, water connects everyone. With compelling text, imagery, interactives, and videos, Water/Ways reveals the central nature of water in our lives by exploring a number of important questions:

  • How do Americans use water? How is water represented in our society? In what ways do we use water as a symbol?
  • How does water unite communities? How does conflict over water emerge and how do communities resolve it?
  • How does water affect the way we live, work, worship, create and play?
  • How do we care for water and sustain it for the future?

Water/Ways Press Release

Water/Ways is a Museum on Main Street (MoMS) exhibition. MoMS exhibitions are available for booking by state humanities councils or other statewide organizations. MoMS exhibitions are not available for general rental by individual venues.