Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thank you to all of our panelists and attendees! Hope to see you next year!

Humanities and the Future: A One-Day Symposium

The Missouri Humanities Council & The Humanities and Ethics Center at Drury University

Presenters included: Dr. Chris Branton, Kate Carpenter, Dr. John Chuchiak, Brian Grubbs, Dr. Howard Rambsy, Dr. Brian Carter, Dr. Marnie Watson, Dr. Shannon Wooden.

Our first ever humanities symposium, brought those who work and study the humanities inside university and school settings together with those who work in the humanities in the professional and nonprofit worlds, as well as with members of the general public who have an interest in the humanities.  We spent the day considering the relationship between the humanities and the future in several ways.  The symposium prodded participants to ask, “How do the humanities get us to imagine the future?  What does the human experience look like as we move toward the middle of the twenty-first century?  What is the future of our shared human history?”

Our keynote speaker, Dr. Brandy Schillace, Ph.D., of the Dittrick Museum of Medical History at Case Western Reserve University, highlighted both the interdisciplinary and forward thinking of Humanities and the Future.  Her presentation address, Dred Tech Tales: Unexpected Consequences of Humans and Machines, illustrated her work at the intersection of medicine, history, and technology, and literature.

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Brandy Schillace

Dread Tech Tales: Unexpected Consequences of Humans and Machines

Brandy Schillace, PhD, works at the intersections of medicine, history, technology, and literature. She is Editor in Chief of BMJ’s Medical Humanities, a journal that promotes cross-disciplinary conversation. Brandy also works as senior research associate and public engagement fellow for the Dittrick Museum of Medical History, and is the founder of Dósis, an online magazine for medical humanities and social justice. As an author, historian, and public intellectual, Brandy seeks to bring the unique stories of the past to life–for our greatest innovations and loftiest triumphs come most frequently from the arena where science and story meet.