The Missouri Humanities Council (MHC) recognizes that veterans returning from war or otherwise dealing with traumatic, stressful experiences find significant value in putting their thoughts, experiences, and creative thinking on paper, and/or in print.

Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors is a creative writing anthology of poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, and photography submissions by and about veterans from across the nation, and spanning generations—from WWI to Iraq and Afghanistan. It is an annual series, which was first released in November 2012. The anthology is funded by MHC, edited by Dr. James Brubaker, and published by Southeast Missouri State University Press. Submissions are reviewed by a panel of judges for inclusion in the anthology, with a $250 prize in each of the five categories listed above.

“After all this time, Michael finally shared his story of Vietnam, over the past year since Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors was published . . . [He] has opened up more to me about Vietnam than he has in our 39 years of marriage. Perhaps after reading what others shared, he feels it is now okay for him to do so as well. History will always be written by professionals, but a personal story of what a man experienced in his lifetime is priceless for our future generations.”

Michele Boyle, wife of Michael Boyle, Marine Corps Vietnam Combat Veteran

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