An important facet of the Missouri Humanities Council’s mission is to bring the humanities to every corner of Missouri.  One important way we do this is by working with our partner scholars to build engaging exhibits that can easily travel the state.  In doing so, we take the study of the humanities directly to your local community.  If you’re a school, library, or other institution looking to feature one of our current exhibits or perhaps there’s a new one you’d like to see produced, contact for more information.


Hometown Teams

Traveling sports exhibit sponsored by the Missouri Humanities, Museums on Mainstreet, and the Smithsonian. No longer available for request.

Mapping Decline

Traveling exhibit outlining the decline of once-thriving metropolises sponsored by the Missouri Humanities and the Missouri History Museum.

Patriot Nations

Traveling exhibit highlighting Native Americans in our Nation’s Armed Forces sponsored by the Missouri Humanities and the Smithsonian. No longer available for request.


Traveling exhibit highlighting Missouri’s place in WWI sponsored by the Missouri Humanities and the Springfield-Greene County Library District.  To request this exhibit call 417-616-0544.


Traveling exhibit highlighting Missouri’s Struggle for Statehood in honor of our state’s upcoming bicentennial.  Click on the icon for information and application.

The Missouri Plan Exhibit is permanently displayed at the Missouri Supreme Court in Jefferson City, MO.  To view the exhibit display click here —>

Request an Exhibit

Hometown Teams is unavailable for request – it is completely booked! Call 417-616-0544 to request WWI.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Required for Patriot Nations Exhibit Requests - See the Patriot Nations tab for the required form