JUST Listening

An educational project brought to you by the Missouri Humanities and the University of Missouri – St. Louis.


To create a humanities-focused narrative dedicated to cataloging the art and activism of the movement that started in Ferguson on August 9, 2014 and is catalyzing authentic change in St. Louis.

This endeavor is entitled “JUST Listening.”  Here, the word “just” is used not only as an adverb, but as a wordplay on the adjective to describe listening to these works as being the right, or just, thing to do.

The project took shape in a 26 minute documentary that focuses on art as a reaction to tragedy and as a form of activism. The documentary was produced by Speak Up Productions and includes images of art, spoken word, interviews with artists, and a historical narrative on Ferguson.

The Missouri Humanities hopes the project will ignite conversation on the necessity of art and activism in raising awareness to build a better community.

The opening show was held at UMSL, Gallery 210 on February 19, 2016.