The Missouri Humanities is proud to bring public programming to the state of Missouri in recognition of 200 years.  Our organization, in partnership with Missouri institutions, will be coordinating exhibits and public events, highlighting Missouri’s history.  Currently, the Missouri Humanities is working to preserve MO’s founding documents through a statewide, penny drive and a Bicentennial Traveling Exhibit. Click the icon for more info.


The Show Me Missouri: Speakers’ Bureau provides expert historians, storytellers, researchers and authors to share the special stories about Missouri’s culture, history, art and people. The program is offered to both non- and for-profit organizations, such as civic organizations, museums, historical societies, libraries and groups. Click on the icon for more info.


An important facet of the Missouri Humanities’ mission is to bring the humanities to every corner of Missouri.  One important way we do this is by working with our partner scholars to build engaging exhibits that can easily travel the state.  In doing so, we take the study of the humanities directly to your local community. Click on the icon for more info.

Questions about Education Programs? Email monique@mohumanities.org or call 816.802.6566.