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Proud to Be: Volume 5

Winners of the Warriors Anthology Writing Competition:

Essay Winner: “Section 60” by Jarrod Taylor

Essay Honorable Mentions: Ken McBride for The Massillon Boys and Leonard Adreon for Korean War

Poetry Winner: “Questions Raised by Black Scorpions” by Bill Glose
Poetry Honorable Mentions: Bryan D. Nickerson for “Runaway Slave” and Milton J. Bates for “First Blood”

Fiction Winner: “A Bird” by Tessa Poppe
Fiction Honorable Mentions: Kyle Larkin for “Into Dust” and Jason Arment for “Bottle Rockets and Bad Memories”

Photography Winner: “Always Time for Chai” by A. Sean Taylor
Photography Honorable Mentions: Jarrod L. Taylor for “Innocence Relected” and Journey Carolyn Collins for “Forgiven Too”

Interview Winner: “90 Minutes: Interview with Ryan Pitts” by Caleb Nelson
Interview Honorable Mentions: Casey Titus for “Interview: Preserving a Dying Legacy” and David Chrisinger for “Interview with Major (R) Jonathan Silk”


A Case of Sodas and 5 Drinks by Carl T. Yates

Walking in My Dad’s Sneakers: How Excersing Together Helped Me Know My Marine Dad by Casey Cromwell

Coward or Hero by Hal O’Leary

Unboot Camp by Jay Harden

Happy Valley (photo) by Ronald C. Mosbaugh

WWII Veterans Marched in Protest in 1946 by Marilyn K. Smith

A Memorable Medevac Mission and Moment by Robert B. Robeson

Armistice by Susan Correa

Future Hero (photo) by Valerie E. Young

Bobby & the Pole by Rod Martinez

Government Girls by Mary Pelts

toward a poetics of lessons-learned and heavy blanket cover fire by Charlie Sherpa

KABOOM and Quagmire by Charity Winters

The Dead (No. 3) by Pat O’Regan

How to Use Your Arms by Abby E. Murray

The Church Ruins at Quang Ngai by Art Elser

Full Bleed by Benjamin Busch

Action Heroes by Bill Glose

Come Back to the World by Bryan D. Nickerson

Orange by Caleb Nelson

Self-Portrait #5 by Chuck Von Nordheim

Selfie in Iraq (photo) by A. Sean Taylor

Life Flight by Derek Handley

Members of Company A (photo) by James Hugo Rifenark

Hill 471 by Fred Rosenblum

Proud to Be: Volume 4

Winners of the Warriors Anthology Writing Competition:

Essay Winner: David Chrisinger for That Which Is Unforgotten: Combat Trauma, Grief, and the Need for Remembrance
Essay Honorable Mentions: Leonard J. Adreon for Korea 1951-Marines Don’t Cry and Robert B. Robeson for Da Nang ‘Dust Off’ Diary

Poetry Winner: Nicholas J. Watts for Nights
Poetry Honorable Mentions: Bryan D. Nickerson for Jay and Charlie Sherpa for A Radio-Telephone Operator Writes Haiku

Fiction Winner: Christopher Lyke for No Travel Returns
Fiction Honorable Mentions: 
Scott Owen for The War Within and Dutch Franz for Four Shots and Three Funerals

Photography Winner: Jay Harden for Planning for Peace
Photography Honorable Mentions: Russell Nielsen for Missing My Father and Jeremy Warneke for Relay

Interview Winner: Victoria Otto Franzese for Finding My Way Home
Interview Honorable Mentions: Jim Gilstrap for Korean War Vignettes: Stories Behind the Scars and Tia Mitchell for The Hearts Within the Military


The War Won’t Let Go, Healing Moments (photo), and Close Call (photo) by Jarrod L. Taylor

Apart from the World by Jay Harden

Journey’s End by Nathaniel Blasing

Soldier Reflection (photo) by Heidi Springstube

Al by Peter K. McShane

Home by Christmas by Robert Bruce Drynan

Best Revenge by Thomas Calabrese

All Marines Are Green by Bruce Sydow

Ahesta Boro by Gary M. Armstrong

Adhaim Reservoir-Iraq 2004 (photo) by Nathaniel Blasing

Out of Aces by Leo Leffert

Armistice by Ryan Smithson

West Texas Dust by Jeffrey A. Paolano

Comparing Ranks (photo) and Weapons Qualification in the Desert (photo) by A. Sean Taylor

River Games…Or Another Reason We Lost the War by Richard Kirshen

Freedom Isn’t Free by Bethany Searcy-DeHart

Why I Went to War by Jay Harden

The Young and the Bold by Jesus Lopez

Jungle Grapevine by Bill McKenna

A Vet Remembers by Bruce Squiers

To the Bottom of the Hole and Back by Charles H. Brown

Farewell by Jason Arment

Homecoming by Mo Kindel

In the Afterglow by Paul C. Mims

Orders Is Orders by Richard Pujol

My Vietnam Nightmare by Ronald C. Mosbaugh

How I Almost Lost the War for the USA by George Fischer

The Most Fun I Ever Had With My Clothes On, Helocast (photo), and MFF by Tom Davis

My Band of Brothers by Art Elser

Bullet by Bryan D. Nickerson

Dead Man’s Cap by Nicholas J. Watts

TBI by Susan K. Spindler

N.B.C.-4 report follows by Charlie Sherpa

Soldier’s Cross by Oren Hammerquist

Remembering Home (photo) and Struggles of a Guidon Bearer-Basic Training by Amn Lucia Eclipse Roberts

Morning (Mourning) in Fallujah by Andrea DePaola

Hero for a Dad by Ashley Williams

Yellow Dress by Bill Glose

A Sunday Missal by Bill McKenna

Banality by Brenda MacCutcheon

I was in the shower when the phone rang by Chelsie Meredith

Selflessness Ash by David S. Pointer

chess people by Gary M. Armstrong

Half-Mast (photo) by Eugene Allen

To Vo Xu, our team’s dog, who was killed in action saving American soldiers by George E. Samerjan

My Cross My Burden by James Hackbarth

Transcendence by James Moffat

Ever It Must Be by Jay Harden

On My Honor by Lyn Geist

Death of the Spirit by Emil S. Saint-Pellicer

Welcome Home, 1971 by Milton J. Bates

I Didn’t Think You’d Make It by Robert B. Robeson

Jargonocracy by Scott Owen

Quang Tri Province, April 1970 by Terry Severhill

New No Name by Travis Klempan

What Is A Soldier? by Valerie E. Young

The Soldiers Are Coming Home and Watching, Waiting by Carrington Curphy

Coming Up Americans and To Iraq by Charity Winters

Star of Koto-Ri and My Girl by Jason Sansburn

Girls of Iraq (photo) and Iraqi Boy Sitting (photo) by Cara Hobbs

Inside the Head the War Rages On by Zvi A. Selsing

Dogs of War and Ode to Meals, Ready to Eat by Karen Skolfield

R&R and Pope AFB: Burning Down Green Ramp by Michael Foran

Protectors by Kanesha Washington

Untitled by Peter J. De Gaetano

Sightlines by Charles H. Johnson

The Fifth Dimension by Paul Hellweg

The Flight of the Liberty Belle by Billie Holladay Skelley

Proud to Be: Volume 3

Winners of the Warriors Anthology Writing Competition:

Essay Winner: Lisa Miller for “Still Falling Snow”
Essay Honorable Mentions: Diane Cameron for “Iambic Pentameter and the Meter of War” and Jay Harden for “My Mother of All Letters.”

Poetry Winner: Dominika Wrozynski for “Retrieval.”
Poetry Honorable Mentions: D.A. Gray for “Whistling Past the Graveyard” and Paul Hellweg for “Ghosts.”

Fiction Winner: Jay Harden for “Bramble Fire.” Fiction Honorable Mentions: Katherine Bell for “The Sulphur Sink” and Frederick W. Cutter for “Something’s Wrong.”

Photography Winner: Sheree K. Nielsen for “jimmie (pier)”
Photography Honorable Mentions: Jay Harden for “For the Arc Light Fallen” and “War’s Shiny Things.”

Interview Winner: S. Lorraine Norwood for “D-Day, Korea, Vietnam: An Old Warrior Lives to Tell the Tale.”
Interview Honorable Mentions: Casey Titus for “Interview of Vietnam Veteran Jim Lewis” and Gloria Pape Caviglia for “Epiphany of Maturity.”


Meet Jimmie McInnis–Bronze Star Recipient and Jimmie McInnis (photo) by Sheree K. Nielsen

Interview with a Warrior: The Wound that Never Heals by Robert B. Robeson

A Nickel Requiem by Amanda S. Cherry

Finally Home (photo) by Kimberly Billington

The Renegade Robinson by Elizabeth Nash

Haji-Mart and Abu Ghraib (photo) by Jeremy Warneke

The Unique and Revealing Short Timer’s Calendar of Sergeant Carl “Pig” Higgins by Tim Leach

It’s Time to Let Go by Tom Davis

Homecoming (photo) by Sean Taylor

The Corpsman by Jeffrey Paolano

Moments: Forgotten by Dan Bradford

Losing Self by Bill Glose

break down and Mutually Assured by David R. Bublitz

VA Hospital by Milton Ehrlich

Dance to the Dustoff Waltz by Paul Hellweg

Staring, Miles Away by D.A. Gray

Rat Bastard by Fred Rosenblum

sugar’s out by John Parker

London Burning 1939-1945 by Lilah Contine

I Came Back and He Did Not Belong by Charles H. Johnson

Old Friend and The RPG by Andrew R. Jones

The War Behind Closed Doors by Ashley Henley

My North Star by Bruce Sydow

don’t and left unsaid by Carl Palmer

The Boy’s Club by Charity Tahmaseb

Suburbistan by Charlie Sherpa

At 3:53 am, I wake after rolling over in my sleep by Chelsie Meredith

Launchpad Central by David S. Pointer

Has-Been Highway Sign by Domenic James Scopa

Record Keeper Of All You Want To Forget by Dominika Wrozynski

Tampa (photo) by Jeremy Warneke

Counting M-16’s a Part in My Sheep by Doug D’Elia

Safe Place by Janelle Fila

Our Heroes by Kaleb Cintonz

My Daddy Is My Hero by Karla Chapman

Intelligence Report and Father Jacob Gets His Limp by Liam Corley

For a Dead Soldier and Small War by Richard O’Connell

A Bad Trip by Robert B. Robeson

To My Fellow Vets by Valerie E. Young

A Tribute to Anthony Loyd by Wayne Bowen

As they were and Mantra by Milton J. Bates

The Summer of the Mouse by DeVonna R. Allison

A February Raid in the War on Terror by Jarrod L. Taylor

The Wire (photo) by Sean Taylor

For the Love of One Another by Joyce Pettigrew Garcia

Fathers and Sons by Marc Danziger

Guilty Pleasures by Ryan J. Erisman

Revisiting the Person of the Year a Decade Later–23 a Day by Zachary Ryan

Buzzbomb by Arthur Weil

Inconsequential by A.D. Wallis

We Are American Soldiers Guardians Of Our Nation by Daniel Evans

An Unsent Letter by dutch franz

Crater in Mosul by Eric Chandler

Those Orange Skies of Baghdad by Jameel A. Hakeem

The Shredded Parachute: A Paratrooper’s Account of Vision and Survival in World War II Europe by Jay Hansford C. Vest

The Lady in the Gray Suit by Kathleen Palmer

Reading of the Names by Michele A. Boyle

My Night on the River by Richard Kirshen

Order of the Spur by Starlyn Lara

HQ10 by Susan Winstead

F-16 Pilot (photo)
Finally Home (photo)
by Kimberly Billington

Life on the ODA by Tom Davis

My Trip to the Wall by Edmund Pieper

Going, Going, Gone! by Hugh Neeld

Saipan Invasion, June 15-July 10, 1944 by Robert A. Cunningham

Proud to Be: Volume 2

Winners of the Warriors Anthology Writing Competition:

Essay Winner: Jay Harden for “My Metal Mama”
Essay Honorable Mentions: Jason Arment for “Grim” and Gerardo Mena for “How to Build a War Hero”

Poetry Winner: Ryan Smithson for “Babel”
Poetry Honorable Mentions: Danielle Sellers for “Talk” and Amanda Hilles for “Taps”

Fiction Winner: John Mort for “Pitchblende”
Fiction Honorable Mentions: Kathleen Toomey Jabs for “Acts of Contribution” and Rolf Yngve for “Pointed Fair”

Photography Winner: Sheree Nielsen for “Dear Kindred Spirit”
Photography Honorable Mentions: A. Sean Taylor for “National Training Center” and Amanda Cherry for “Ft. Leavenworth Cemeteries 279″

Interview Winner: Jay Harden for “Interview with a Land Girl”
Interview Honorable Mentions: Phyllis A. Robeson for “Interview with a Warrior” and Jan Morrill for “Warrior Marriage”


Reunion: The Circle of Remembrance by Ruth W. Crocker

Vietnam and PTSD: Finally an Explanation by Michael J. Boyle

PTSD . . . The Reason for His Outbursts by Michele A. Boyle

Giving Veterans a Voice―April 2013 Interview by Sylvia Ney

Charlie Is Stealing for Home by Bruce Sydow

impact by Chris Wubbena

In the Valley of Lions by Randy Brown

My Time in Afghanistan: The Softer Side of War by Nancy Lacore

Highway of Death by Jonathan Travelstead

Chiaroscuro: A Reflection on the Light and Dark of Life by Lilah Pearce Contine

Birds of War by Monica Agnew-Kinnaman

Kindred Spirit by Sheree Nielsen

What’s it like . . . over there? by Matt Wilson

Last Patrol by Monty Joynes

Long Days’ Journey into Light by Charles H. Brown

Dog Tags
Little Lead Omens
War Squared by Tim Leach

You Never Forget Your First by Levi Newman

Baptism by Fire by Andy Anderson

Prisoner of War by Ryan Smithson

Unfinished Business by Carl Palmer

Cub Scout Camping Trip
Escort by Jarrod L. Taylor

Making Jello by Marcia Upchurch

Tulips in Early Spring by Ashley D. Wallis

Memorial Day by M.K. Sukach

Remember Me
Turning the Table
The Height of Fear in the Shadow of Death by Robert Robeson

Registered Letter by Joseph R. Carvalko, Jr.

Petrichor by Donna Bachler

John Young Funeral 167 by Amanda Cherry

Still Human
Raging River by Jay Harden

Veterans Coming Home
The Colonel’s Brain by William Childress

Hope Chest by Charity E. Winters

She Ain’t Just a 2nd Lieutenant by Kerry “Doc” Pardue

Woman Marine by DeVonna R. Allison

Land of the Free (Haircuts) by Charity Tahmaseb

Boogie with Chesty by Pamela Foster

Birthday Party by Eric Chandler

Babylift by Gerald R. Wheeler

Afghan Eyes
My War: Afghanistan 2012 by Nicholas Watts-Fernandez

Kids on the Street of Kabul by A. Sean Taylor

One Thousand Cuts of Healing by James Hackbarth

Harder by Cara Hobbs

Interview With An Old Soldier by Annette Armellino

Bald Eagle by Aaron Horrell

Marble Heroes by Oren Hammerquist

My Home Is the Navy by Amanda Hilles

Hoss’s Letter
The Only Home by Levi Bollinger

Suzy Q. by Curt Scheafer

An Outsider by Jimmy Castellanos

Offroad IVs by Gerardo Mena

Infantry TA-50 at 11pm by Daniele Cunningham

Pixie by Gary Ives

A Band of Brothers by Jerry-Mac Johnston

A Midnight Forest Patriot by Timothy E. Wolfe

By the Dawn’s Early Light by Les Thompson

festive skies by Fred Rosenblum

The Hunters’ Tales by James C. Stacey

After the Snow by M.E. Hope

Two Brothers by Luther Jett

Storm in the Graveyard by Jason Sansburn

Ibuprofen Avalanche by David S. Pointer

Last Day in Cambodia by Marc Levy

Moments: The Beginning―The End by Dan Bradford

Proud to Be: Volume 1

Winners of the Warriors Anthology Writing Competition:

Nonfiction Winner: Paul Mims for “Rockhappy 1944-45
Nonfiction Finalists: Jarrod L. Taylor for “Sadr City” and Jimmy Castellanos for “Desert Snow”

Poetry Winner: Gerardo Mena for “Baring the Trees”
Poetry Finalists: Carol Alexander for “Rewind” and Bill Glose for “Desert Moon”

Fiction Winner: Monty Joynes for “First Day at An Khe”
Fiction Finalists: Edie Cottrell Kreisler for “Remembering Cu Chi” and Ryan Smithson for “Tap Shoes”


Between Wives by Jay Harden

53 Alpha by Jonah E. Krause

The Soldier’s Two-Step
A Rock Called Afghanistan by Lauren K. Johnson

Ana as’fi
On Leaving for Iraq a Second Time by Christopher P. Collins

Bunker Sonnet by Nicholas Watts-Fernandez

Hyphenated Americans by Jan Morrill

Little World by Chris Whitehead

Ode to the Enemy Sniper by Gerardo Mena

War is Steel by Christopher Lee Miles

In Less Than a Minute by Russell Reece

Distant Seitz
SPC Browning Speaks by Levi Bollinger

Be Polite But Have a Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet by Jesse Goolsby

In the Military Garden of Remembrance by Walter Baker

No Hero by Colin D. Halloran

what sacrifice has been by Randy Brown

The John Wayne Hills by Steven Croft

All Fun and Games, Until by David Lawrence

Care Package
Something Else You Don’t Need by Liam Corley

Cleaning Up Our Mess (October 2003) by Brian Curran

The Ride Home by GuruSahai Good

For a Future Believed In
The Way We Were: Portrait of a Vietnamese Veteran’s Grandson by Jay Harden

Deep and Free
Baby I’m Already Back
All I Ever Wanted by Aaron Horrell

Transit by James Mathews

War Wounds by Sonja Pasquantonio

Don’t Tell His Mother by Monty Joynes

Army Mom by Sheree Nielsen

Liberation Requiem by Shaun Yankee

The Poet & The Wounded Warrior’s Return by James A. Moad II

Veteran’s Quiescence by Michael Sukach

Lake Serene by Bruce Sydow

Becoming the Devil by Jacob Worthington

The Flies by James Wooden

Army Issue by Leslie Harper Worthington

The Life of a Superhero by Richard Van Beeson

Cloud Fishing
Prisoners of War 1965 by Tim Leach

A Letter Home from Fort Bliss, Texas, 1918 by Philip Renner

What We Leave Behind by Jason Sansburn

In the Salmon’s Eyes
Furlough, May ’99 by William Lusk Coppage

A Red-Haired Rosie by Velda Goodgion Brotherton

Green Card Soldier
incoming by Carl Palmer

Smedley Butler’s Disciple by David S. Pointer

The Cost of Memory by Susan V. Meyers

Search Team
Clearing a Room by Bill Glose

Moment Two by Daniel D. Bradford

Sonnet for Killing by Dario DiBattista

The Cargo by James A. Moad II

tree line by Fred Rosenblum

Sulfur and Moonshine
What’s For Dinner, Doc?
Picking up the Slack by Jason Pourdrier

The Ponytail Pal Christmas by Mitch Duckworth

Their Letters by Kathleen Willard

Just One Smile by Michele A. Boyle