MHC Stands Behind MU Library Science Program

The American Library Association recently voted to revoke accreditation of the University of Missouri’s graduate Library Science program.  Read on for MHC’s official response, submitted by Dr. William “Steve” Belko, Executive Director.

The University of Missouri must maintain accredited status for its graduate program in Library Science. This extremely worthy program provokes thought, molds future leaders of today’s libraries and archives, and stands as the only accredited graduate program in the state of Missouri in this field.  Here at the Missouri Humanities Council, we are proud of all of our flagship university’s areas of study, but this one in particular is extremely vital to Columbia, our state, and the humanities at large.

Graduates from this program continue to find meaningful work across our state.  MU’s graduates work tirelessly to document, research, and disseminate information for private universities, such as Rockhurst in Kansas City, for local libraries, like Washington Public Library in Washington, Missouri, and even for corporations, such as a recently hired research analyst and librarian for a multinational aerospace defense firm in St. Louis, BAE Systems.  Beyond any doubt, MU’s graduate Library Science program is keeping pace with the frequent and pervasive changes in our society, and thus they warrant accreditation.

MHC ardently advocates on behalf of a strong humanities-centric education environment.   This program is a pillar of that environment in Missouri.  It must remain accredited.



MU has maintained accreditation for this program since 1967

This is the only accredited graduate program of its kind in the entire state

For more information on the American Library Association’s accreditation program, click here.