Join the Missouri Humanities in connecting nature and community!  Our #MOEnvHu series includes lectures, bike rides, and walking tours – open to the public.  For programming we partner with organizations like the Missouri Department of Conservation. Questions? Call 816.802.6566.

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OCTOBER 16, 2018  |  RECEPTION AT 6:00PM, PROGRAM 6:30PM – 8:30PM

Anita B. Gorman Center  |  470 Troost Ave  |  Kansas City, MO 64110 – MAP

The Environmental Humanities Public Talk Series examines critical environmental issues from a humanities perspective.  This event will highlight environmental justice issues, activism, and community development as seen locally in Kansas City, Missouri.  Kristin Riott, Executive Director of Bridging the Gap and Diane Hershberger, Healthy Marlborough Program Director / Past Vice President, Marlborough Community Coalition, will be our guest speakers at this event.  Program presented by the Missouri Humanities Council and the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Questions? Call 816-802-6566.

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Kristin Riott began her environmental career by plucking too many wildflowers in the woods near her home in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was sidetracked for a number of years by a career in creative management at Hallmark Cards. Moving to Hong Kong in 2000 for her husband’s career, she and her family witnessed the rapid environmental degradation so easy to see in crowded Asian cities. Upon returning to Kansas City, she became active in various environmental movements, and in 2007 trained with former VP Al Gore to become a spokesperson for climate change. She has led Bridging The Gap as executive director since 2009, and designed and executed many new programs, which has caused BTG to triple in size and impact.  Kristin also serves on the board of the Kansas City Native Plant Initiative and the KCMO Climate Protection Plan Steering Committee.  Her most recent work has been to lead the development of a Master Tree Plan for the City of KCMO.  She is working to plant as many native plants as she once picked.



Diane Hershberger’s Civil Engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh brought her from Pennsylvania to Kansas City to work for Burns & McDonnell Engineering. A master’s degree from KU in Environmental Engineering, with an emphasis on water quality, kept in her in Kansas City longer than the two or three years she had planned to stay. After 11 years with Burns & McDonnell, Diane joined the USEPA as the Chief of the Wetlands Protections Section watching over these natural resources in IA, NE, KS and MO. Diane served as the co-chair of the Region VII EPA’s Diversity Committee for several years. After 8 years of federal service, including the last year as the Acting Deputy Director of the Water, Wetlands and Pesticides Division, Diane changed careers to become the Executive Director of Kansas City Harmony, commonly referred to as the name of the organization’s extremely visible initial race relations effort, Harmony In A World of Difference. She created programs, led workshops, agitated institutions and challenged people to change policies, practices and behaviors that resulted in unequal starting points in reaching one’s life goals based solely on the circumstances of one’s birth. In 2008, Diane helped found the Marlborough Community Coalition in the mixed race, disinvested neighborhood in which she had lived for 10 years. Her passion for environmental protection and human equity have melded together in efforts of the Coalition to embrace green infrastructure and green space as major tenants of the community’s revitalization strategy. Diane and her spouse Rodger Kube also operate Stony Crest Urban Farm, a USDA Certified Organic Vegetable Farm located in Marlborough.