Join the Missouri Humanities in connecting nature and community!  Our #MOEnvHu series includes lectures, bike rides, and walking tours – open to the public.  For programming we partner with organizations like the Missouri Department of Conservation. Questions? Call 816.802.6566.

Join Missouri Humanities on May 11th for our annual Vox Vineyard tour to learn about the history of Missouri’s wine industry.  Registration is required.  Click the icon below.

Please note that ticket prices are subject to the use of the charter bus.  The charter bus leaves at 1:00PM from Missouri Humanities, 1800 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108. The program begins at 2:00PM at Vox Vineyard (19310 NW Farley Hampton Rd #3, Kansas City, MO) and ends at 4:00PM.  The charter bus should arrive back to 1800 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO no later than 5:00PM. Space is limited.

QUESTIONS? Call 816-802-6566 or email


MAY 11, 2019 from 1PM – 5PM (program runs 2PM – 4PM)

Click the icon for registration – $25/ticket with bus ride  |  $15/ticket without bus ride


Your ticket includes a wine tasting, vineyard tour, and a presentation.


JERRY EISTERHOLD, Founder of Vox Vineyards and TerraVox Wine

The story begins with a love of wine and great dirt. Owner/founder Jerry Eisterhold, a
Missouri farm boy, grew up surrounded by wild grapes in the lush Gasconade River
Valley upstream from Hermann, Missouri. Jerry’s early Agronomy education at the
University of Missouri in 1969 brought with it a connoisseurship of soils (he was the
third-best soil judge in the Big Eight). In 1996, this special appreciation for soil helped
Jerry find the right dirt in the Missouri River Bluffs. That same year Jerry began his
mission to find the grapes that would complement the land.
Jerry was determined to follow in the footsteps of the renowned viticulturist Thomas
Volney Munson, who brought American Heritage Grapes to the world’s attention when
he saved the French vineyards through grafting Vitis Vinifera (the Eurasian wine grape)
onto American rootstock. At Vox Vineyards, Jerry is continuing Munson’s journey by
cultivating over forty native varieties, in his quest to discover the unique flavors that
American Heritage Grapes bring to wine.